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Lisa Moerke - Touchstone Administrative Services
Lisa MoerkeRegistered Bookkeeper

“Satisfaction does not come with achievement, but with effort. Full effort is full victory.”

Touchstone Administrative Services believes our clients success is a reflective of this concept. We put in a full effort to make your life easier and help your business run smoother. As well, the combined experience and education of our team offers you bookkeeping services to best fit your business’ needs.

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Lisa Moerke - Owner of Touchstone Administrative services/Registered Bookkeeper

Since 2006, I’ve been providing bookkeeping and administrative services to varied business operations from one-man renovation companies to family-owned franchise operations. Prior to that, I worked in the accounting departments of a multi-national corporation corporation as well as grew and managed my own business in Central America. I feel the depth of my experience gives me a leading edge over my competitors. This experience and expertise enables me to take over quickly and effectively manage your books to help orchestrate your business. I am like the conductor of an orchestra, making each note perform smoothly! Another valuable service to you is in my ability to deliver the financial information you need to make informed, timely decisions.
I offer a no-obligation one-on-one consultation. I’ll look at your books, evaluate your current situation, and give you an idea of what my services will cost (it’s surprisingly affordable – and tax deductible).

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By contracting out your bookkeeping needs, you save on full-time payroll expenses.

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